The LightUP Fest is an eight-week exhibition that combines the latest lighting technology and artisan crafted lanterns to showcase the rich heritage, tradition and culture of the world.  With 77 stunning displays presented in different themes, the LightUP Fest promises an eventful night for everyone.

There are 4 major themes in the exhibit - Tour of Fantasy; Freedom America; Mysterious East and Magical World.  One of the featured highlights unique to this exhibit is the display of the Capitol Hill Building.

Tour of Fantasy

If you desire a romantic night surrounded by absolutely beautiful sights then visit “Tour of Fantasy” where the castles, forests and stars make it feel like you entered a real life fairy tale.

Freedom America

“Freedom America” presents various American landmarks such as the Capital Building, Mount Rushmore and the Stature of Liberty have been recreated.  You will see America’s history and its dedication to its ideals of freedom and equality.

Mysterious East

In comparison “Mysterious East” presents a showcase of traditional Chinese culture as shown by its history, art and traditions that combine to create an amazing experience as we see how rich Chinese culture truly is.

Magical World

"Magical World" showcases the animal kingdom in all of its  modern and prehistoric forms.  There is also a dazzling maze and interactive activation that both adults and kids alike can indulge and enjoy thoroughly.

In addition to the amazing light displays, the LightUP Fest also features daily performances of acrobats, interactive art and craft displays, authentic cuisine and special holiday programs.  This is a must see event for all.

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Peacock Light Exhibit at LightUP Fest at One Loudoun
Castle Light Exhibit at LightUP Fest at One Loudoun
Dinosaur Maze Exhibit at LightUP Fest at One Loudoun
Lights of the North Exhibit at LightUP Fest at One Loudoun
Exhibit at LightUP Fest at One Loudoun
Diamond Lights at LightUP Fest at One Loudoun